I do that too. I was on the ukulele  when I had small fingers but now Ive grown so i can fit the guitar. My sister and I both sing and play guitar. She got interested in playing it when she saw her first live classical guitar music at a coffee shop. We asked him if he taught lessons and sure enough he did! I was threeish and she was eightish. When your a little sister or brother your always so inspired of what they can do. So that’s what I did. I started after she had a month of guitar. We both have had about six years of guitar both. We are still playing and singing. we do duets together at home and we preform for assisted living people. We both love doing it.<3


My Ballet Experiences

I love doing ballet. My family and friends say I’m advanced in it and maybe I do a little bit too. If i did not have ballet, I think I would be a less happier person. I think ballet is calming, loving, exiting and beautiful. I have always wanted to be a ballarina as long as I could talk. when I was very young, I started wearing a pink leotard, pink tites and tutu out in public. At the age of seven, my dream came true. I sarted out at a very strict place where you had to do everything right. it was hardworking and advanced. but it was also a place where there was yelling, and embarrasment. All the time, I came home crying. I had a spring galla there and a nutcracker. Then I moved to a nice caring place where she reminded us instead of yelling. she is nice, but it is way below my level. im sorry if im bragging a little bit. im trying not to. Im there now but Im moving to a diffrent place that we think will have nice teachers and hard working students.

here are some photos from my group at the nice place:


All I Want For Christmas Is, ( by Mariah Carrey )… ( and myself )

Even though I know Santa is not real, my family and I always say “This year I would like a _________ from Santa.” Same with tooth fairy, easter bunny and others I can’t think of. But everything except Santa goes like this: “Will you please tell the [Easter Bunny] I want this, or will you give this letter to the [Tooth Fairy] please?” I’m getting the Christmas feelings so I decided to write this list:

My Christmas List

  • an underwater camera
  • a suprise
  • a pig

but  not just any pig, I want a pigmy pig ( or pigmy piglet ) buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut…… I probably wont get a pig because everyone in my family says “take care of your crayfish and snails first. if you don’t do that, you’re not getting a pet.” yes I do have to do that, but they are so small that I forget all about them! Haha. They also don’t go around the house barking, meowing or squealing. It is my responsibility though. I can’t expect a present that I can’t take care of. I do feed my dog and cat almost every morning and sometimes evenings. I still should respect that I have to take care of the crayfish and snails.20180311_153818



I love being a mermaid. In water without a friend its not that fun to just swim. For me at least. my mom is getting me a fin fun mermaid tail because i have been really wanting one this year. My family is so kind. Anyway, being a mermaid is HARD WORK… you have to be string, agile, and coordinated. For professionals… well they have different silicone tails that look more realistic. Also its almost like wearing point. The only thing difference, is that it shouldn’t hurt and you don’t need equipment for point.  Tails can weigh op to 37 pounds!!!! wouldn’t that be hard to swim with?! Also you have to train to have this soothing movement… that… has like… a… lump moving from your fingertips down. Over all its very graceful, fun and a good workout.

First day of homeschool!

First in the morning we went to a local nursing home to sing and play guitar for them. So fun.Today was great. First we tried to meditate but we kept on laughing… And laughing. We drew on  chalkboards, and we did math,  and sciense, and English. On the chalkboards we drew Michael and Lucifer without outlining. Also our main colors were red reprisenting anger sadness and control. Yellow representing kindness love and flexibility. In my curriculum (waldorf) is more easier than I can do… We zipped through that to chapter 4 which is week 4.haha 😉 then we went on a walk for exersize and science. We also wrote in a journal, which is English. It was really fun. I think this homeschooling is really going to work out!



In fourth and maby on, I will be homeschooled.  My mom and dad decided to homeschool me and my sister. By the way, my mom’s account is tikkitavi. My sister’s account is miatacoustic. They are VERY VERY fun and nice. Well anyway, we all think homeschooling is the Wright thing to do.



We also do karaoke. Its very fun to do. I like a lot of country music. Mostley Coward of the County by Kenny Rodgers. I memorised it by heart. Sometimes people are tone deaf. My family is very musical though. You probably did not know this but my sister is Mia T acoustic she has a blog name that. She is very nice and good at drawing singing and more like that. Well anyway we love karaoke and do it a lot.